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Using file hashing databases the Guardian and partners were able to see what the authorities were searching for.

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In our sample most of the files were extremist material such as Dabiq and Inspire, propaganda magazines produced by Isis and al-Qaida, but there was also other content that the Chinese state appears to deem undesirable. The software appears to have been developed in Nanjing by an arm of the Chinese state-affiliated networking company Fiberhome Networks. The Guardian is only aware of the app being used at the border crossing between Xinjiang and Kyrgyzstan.

There are several stages to the border crossing via the Irkeshtam pass, and at one stage travellers are made to unlock and hand over all their devices. Assuming nothing that concerns the guards is found, the officials are supposed to uninstall the app and return the device to the owner.

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In one meeting, Israeli representatives refused a Saudi request to identify the user behind an anti-regime Twitter account as a way of showing the ability of their technology, the report said. According to the report, at one point Saudi officials wanted to bring to Riyadh an Israeli businessman dealing in defense-related technologies who operates through Cyprus and was involved in the NSO negotiations.

It was during those meetings that an agreement was hammered out to sell the Pegasus 3 system to the Saudis. The report did not say if a deal was eventually closed. Dozens of Saudi citizens have been convicted on charges linked to dissent under a previous sweeping law, particularly linked to posts on Twitter.

"60 Minutes" shows how easily your phone can be hacked

Stalkerware, also known as Spouseware, is the name given to a class of spyware that is commonly used by domestic abusers and angry exes to spy on their victim's phone and gain access to private information. Samsung building a smaller phone. According to Certo Software, a mobile anti-spyware company, demand for tools to detect stalkerware on cellphones has tripled in the last two years, and positive detections of stalkerware on iPhones has doubled this year alone.

While these companies state that their products should not be used on someone's device without their permission, in reality this is not the case in the vast majority of situations, and these disclaimers clash with often blatant advertising that recommends using it to spy on romantic partners.

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Once one of these intrusive apps is installed on a victim's device, a stalker can monitor their exact location, read messages, view photos and even silently turn on their microphone to listen in whenever they want. Today there are over 25, apps that facilitate stalking or spying, many of which can be downloaded from the official app stores or directly from the developer's website.

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  6. They're not hard to find, either, with one of the most popular stalking tools, mSpy, even spotted in a Twitter advert last month. Stalkerware is most common on Android devices, but iPhones are by no means immune to hacking. If you're concerned about stalkerware finding its way onto your phone, you'll probably head over to your app store to get an anti-stalkerware app.

    Given the popularity of iPhones, this may seem strange, but the reason actually lies with Apple themselves as they don't allow anti-stalkerware apps within their App Store, claiming that their devices do not need them. Hard to believe, isn't it?

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    That for one of the most popular phones in the world, the average user has no easy way to check if their device is hacked. There have been several security vulnerabilities affecting iPhones in the news recently. Most notably the WhatsApp attack earlier in the year and a mistake in iOS