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Detect spyware on cell phone, spy cell. Without access your windows phone help others. P, mobile without installing on your spy cell celulares pdf. Suffix serial farmall number you need to go out the tracking. One thing you may notice that that there is a warning in your References list after adding this NuGet package.

After making sure you have the most recent version of the Sqlite extensions installed get them from the Sqlite Download Page , you can then simply delete the reference with the warning, and then add a new reference to the extensions you just installed. ToListAsync with code that will synchronise data for offline access. I then initialize the SyncContext of the MobileService using this data store. Invoking a sync is actually a two part process. First you need to pull data down from the Mobile Service.

I repeat this for both entity types I want to synchronize. CreateQuery ; await MobileService. PullAsync typeof RealEstateProperty.

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Name, propertyQ ;. PullAsync typeof Inspection. Name, inspectionQ ;. ToListAsync ;. InsertAsync inspection ;. Of course this only adds them to the local offline table. PushAsync ;. Lastly to validate that the new items have appeared in the Mobile Service I can query it directly to get all items in the Mobile Service table.

NET Framework ie to power the.

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NET backend services. This means we can simply move these entities into a class library, or better still a PCL, and reference it. We already have a Shared Project which is used to share common code between the Windows platform projects. To do this I need to download and install the Shared Project Reference Manager which extends Visual Studio to allow for the easy creation and referencing of Shared Projects. Select the Shared Project and give it a name, in this case will keep it inline with the other Shared Project by naming it RealEstateInspector.

With the Shared Project created, I need to add a reference to the Shared Project to both Windows platform projects and the service project — right-click the References node under the project and select Add Shared Project Reference. The two Windows platform projects should have both shared projects selected, whilst the service project should only reference the new Shared Project. Next I need to move my entities out of the service project and into the shared project.

Double-click the Properties node under the service project in Solution Explorer and then open the Build tab. If I now go to the MainPage. OnNavigatedTo e ;.

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WriteLine items! In my solution I simply right-click on the solution node and select manage NuGet Packages. Add a new file to the Shared project, MainPage.

I can run either the Windows or Windows Phone application and see that the items variable gets populated with the contents of the TodoItems table. As I discussed in my initial post there are a number of components that make up the property inspection tool. A lot of blog posts will start by creating the Azure Mobile Service and then use the template projects provided on the home page of the newly created Mobile Service.

This will create Windows and Windows Phone projects, with a Shared code project to handle files shared between the two applications. The next step is to create the Azure Mobile Service. Complete the setup wizard — make sure you select the. NET backend. After completing the setup wizard, a few moments later the new Mobile Service will be available. To publish the Mobile Service I expand out the Get Started section on the home page of my newly created Mobile Service, and click on the Download link. I save the downloaded zip file, unblock and then extract the zip file. I then copy the service folder in my case realestateinspectorservice into the solution folder of the solution I created earlier.

Back in Visual Studio I then add the existing realestateinspectorservice project into the solution.